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My 2019 SPRING GALLERY features images from the Spring Equinox Super Full Moon to ones shot while hiking in State Parks and others from the flooded field behind my home and flower gardens. 😉 Enjoy!

If you prefer other seasons, please feel free to check out my other seasonal galleries by clicking the links below. 




And, if you really want to see Spring Blooms!  https://www.ambphotography.net/2018-spring-gallery

As a side note, I must say I am anxious to see how our changing climate affects the local flora.

Some of you may be interested in knowing a forgotten bag of tulips bulbs in a bucket were found outside in a shed, and they survived and started growing. They were thrown into pots with fresh soil and we shall see what happens. 🙂 Update: They survived long enough for the squirrels to find them and eat them. Lol!


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