In black and white, this fawn was just adorable. I am grateful that it let me capture this image.

About A.M.B. Photography

Hi! My name is Andrea. I want to let you know a bit about A.M.B Photography, where my focus is on nature and wildlife photography of all kinds and bringing “The Light and Life of Nature” to you by creating awesome products with my images.

Born and raised in the Midwest, I realize that the wonderful world we inhabit is changing. Many beautiful animals and plants that we take for granted are disappearing. One may not notice it from day-to-day, but these changes are happening quicker and quicker.

I feel a sense of duty and a calling to photo document what we still have around us. Loveliness appears in nature small and large; the pose of a turtle, the fuzzy caterpillar on a flower, the old, dying moth lying next to a newly fallen leaf, the fawn exploring the woods, and the long reaching limbs of a tree seeking the sun. So much beauty is around us.


My photos are of what surrounds me and captured in places accessible to the public. The flora and fauna found in local state parks and conservation areas are where my focus started, however I also love snapping shots of our beautiful garden beds and all that appears in them. Some are also of life by the roadside. You can see any of my images on my Gallery and in Seasonal Mini Galleries, along with my Facebook and Instagram pages. Click any link below to enjoy!

If you see any image that you love, let me know and I can create a variety of Home Décor Prints & Gifts.


About A.M.B Photography’s Prints & Gifts

All products begin with an image captured and printed by me. I then hand-trim to fit the item. Everything listed below is hand-made by me. The only assistance I have is from my dear husband.

Prints & Gifts By A.M.B Photography include the following:

✤ Artisan Canvas Prints or Magnets ☞ Glossy Finish with Visible Brush Strokes (these aren’t your normal canvases seen at Walgreens),

✤ Beeswax or Soy Hand-Poured Candles ☞ Hand-Wicked and Poured into a Ball jar with one of my images attached,

✤ Cabochon Photo Magnets ☞ Glass Cabochon with a portion of one of my images and a magnet,

✤ Calendars ☞Available in monthly, bi-yearly, and yearly from October – February,

✤ Framed and Matted Prints ☞ Glossy or Semi-Glossy,

✤ Flat Refrigerator Magnets with Nature Quotes, and

✤ Blank Photo Greeting Cards for any occasion. 

Hopefully you find something that fits your taste. I will not have all items available throughout the year. Email for current selections.

I am also willing to customize certain products. Email me and we can discuss your preferences. Payment arrangement can be made over email or go to the Shop for purchase. Either way I will ship it for free!

I have an Etsy shop too where I have several items listed. These vary throughout the year as well. However if you prefer supporting Etsy and myself, I can post a listing for you there! 🙂

2018 was the first year for me getting out and about to show my products to the public. I have ventured to the suburbs of Chicago, the small towns around Peoria, and had an occasional spot at the Canal Market in North Utica, IL. All in all, I received wonderful compliments on my creations. Many appreciate the beauty nature and wildlife have to offer.

My next venture is to place my products in shops, stores, and boutiques. If you know of any places that are missing what I am offering, please email me. 


New Services

I have created two new services to feature my work. First, your lovely property and my style can be combined. I can come to your home, shoot your property, and create products just for you with your landscapes, flowers, outbuildings, etc. Not just your regular real estate photography. Email me for details! 😉

Next is for someone who loves my products but has a favorite picture of their own and wants to have a product customized with their image. Maybe it’s a photo of a loved one, family pet, or a favorite vacation? I can take it and make it into a canvas, magnet, photo bead, or on the side of a Ball Jar Candle. Just email me the image with your product request, and I will get to work creating your masterpiece! 

I want to thank you all for your interest and support!

I am forever grateful! Love to all!