Artisan 12×12 Fall Canvases


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Artisan 12×12 Fall Canvases

Handmade, unwrapped Artisan 12×12 Fall Canvases created with glossy paper and a glossy or matte finish. Enjoy!

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  • Full Moon
  • Soaring High
  • Majestic Clouds II
  • Shining Thru
  • Fire
  • Looking Up
  • Mile Meadow

My goal is to bring you “The Light and Life of Nature”. Not everyone can get out and about to physically see all there is to be seen. It is my hope the images on these Artisan Fall Canvases satisfy that desire. I also aspire to inspire you, if you are able, to get out there and see “The Light and Life of Nature.” May it bring you peace.

Please note the image may differ on your monitor than it appears printed on photo paper and sealed on canvas. Some cropping may have been necessary when creating the print. Rest assured your finished product will be beautiful.

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Your Choice

Full Moon, Soaring High, Majestic Clouds II, Shining Thru, Fire, Looking Up, Mile Meadow


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