Artisan Charm Word Bracelets


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Artisan Charm Word Bracelets

Artisan Charm Word Bracelets handmade featuring my own unique natural designs featuring positive and encouraging words or symbols. They are sized but are elastic and stretch without clasps.

My wrist measures around 6.5 inches. I can wear the M and M-L comfortably; the S is somewhat tight fitting and the L is loose. The L is roughly 7.5 inches.

Your Choice:

  • Sun (symbol) – size S
  • Shine – size M
  • Love – size M
  • Breathe – size M
  • Believe – size M
  • Double Heart (symbol) – size M-L
  • Let Go – size M-L
  • Believe II – size L
  • Blessed – size L
  • Joy – size L
all are one of a kind. No duplicates have been and may never be created.
So, if you like it, buy it while you can!


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Additional information

Youe Choice

Sun (symbol) – size S, Shine – size M, Love – size M, Breathe – size M, Believe – size M, Double Heart (symbol) – size M-L, Let Go – size M-L, Believe II – size L, Blessed – size L, Joy – size L


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