Mushroom Necklaces, Nature Necklaces




Mushroom Necklaces, Nature Necklaces

These cute little Mushroom Necklaces are handmade with 30 mm glass cabochons adhered to glossy finish prints, then to lovely bezels. An awesome glittering effect is visible on some pendants due to the adhesive used.

Unfortunately, that glittering cannot be captured in a photo and appear as blackish/grayish spots despite my unfruitful attempts at re-positioning the pendants.

All Mushroom Pendants were created in the Winter of 2019.

Main Image – Orange Mushroom – set in an Shiny Silver bezel with a shiny silver chain. Image captured in the Fall of 2016.

Green Turkey Tail – set in an Antique Bronze bezel with a brass chain. Image captured in the Winter of 2017.

All metal chains are 20 inches long.
At this moment these are all one of a kind. No duplicates have been and may never be created.
So, if you like it, buy it while you can!
Free Shipping and the tan cinched bag (3″ x 4″) is included!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 1 × 5 in

Orange Mushroom Necklace, Shelf Mushroom Necklace, White Mushroom Necklace, Green Turkey Tail Necklace, Mushrooms Necklace


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