Nature Gallery

Nature Gallery

“The Light and Life of Nature” Gallery

My Nature Gallery features flowers, trees, leaves, and landscapes.

From close-up macro shots of pollen from flowers to wider shots of the sky and field behind my home, I truly hope you enjoy them.

May they help to bring peace to your days and nights. 🙂

Click either of the links below to see the Flower, Trees and Leaves, Landscapes or Macro (close-ups) Galleries.

Click the bottom link to see my Wildlife Gallery. 



This tiny, little orange cosmos has the cutest curly petal coming off the bottome left side. Captured in my home garden in the Summer of 2019.
Flower Gallery


The beginning of the orange trail at Sand Ridge State Park near Manito, Illinois. This is a vigorating 5-mile loop sandy horse trail that I hiked in the Spring of 2019.
Trees and Leaves Gallery


A waning crescent moon captured just after the sunset on a Fall evening in 2019.
Landscapes Gallery


The quick flow and rapid bubbles of the small tribuary in the Matthiessen State Park are a great sign of the increased rain the Midwest had this Spring. Captured in May of 2019 on a nature hike.
Macro (Close-Ups) Gallery


A couple of these tiny, shiny green beetles were going along with us on our hike at Matthiessen State Park in the Spring of 2019. They are called common tiger beetles.
Wildlife Gallery




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