Nature Gallery

Nature Gallery

“The Light and Life of Nature” Gallery

My Nature Gallery features flowers, trees, leaves, and landscapes.

From close-up macro shots of pollen from flowers to wider shots of the sky and field behind my home, I truly hope you enjoy them.

May they help to bring peace to your days and nights. 🙂

Click either of the links below to see the Flower, Trees and Leaves, Landscapes or Macro (close-ups) Galleries.

Click the bottom link to see my Wildlife Gallery. 



A large, beautiful Peony flower blooming along the border in my neighbor's yard. Captured in the Spring of 2020.
Flower Gallery


A Crape Myrtle flower and Spanish Moss blooming on the streets of historical Savannah, Georgia. Captured on my Labor Day weekend vacation to Tybee Island in 2020.
Trees and Leaves Gallery


When I arrived to Mackinac City, Michigan it was quite foggy and cool. And, made for some awesome shots in black and white. Captured in August, 2020.
Landscapes Gallery


Small rocks line the shores of Lake Superior, pushed up by the ice in the winter and waves throughout the rest of the year. Captured along the North Country Trail in the Summer of 2020.
Macro/Close-Ups Gallery


One of the parents of the cygnets or baby swan alongside the Muskegon River. I had the pleasure of watching them as I ate brunch. Captured in August of 2020.
Wildlife Gallery




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