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Order Processing Time

Hi all! I am updating my order processing time. This post supersedes all individual product listings. 

Due to my full-time employment, I need at least one week to process any order. I will email you once the order is received to give you a better estimate, or to let you know if the product will take longer to make.

Canvases – I am now making the canvases to order, with a few already made for display at events. This will help to prevent damage from humidity in my un-air conditioned old Victorian home.

Candles – Please see Scent Selection Catalog for availability, or just email me. 😉

Magnets – Flat refrigerator magnets only take 1-2 days processing. Other magnets take 2-3 days up to at least one week depending on the type and size. 

Please understand that I must work full-time till this business of mine really takes off. I would greatly appreciate your understanding. Thank you all for your interest and support!! 🙂 

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